Wednesday, March 26, 2008

On the way to Dreamland (Written March 19)

The Washington, D.C. area takes a lot out of me. More than anything, this time around it was the cold weather. I really simply am not used to gusts of wind that make your nose numb and your eyes water. Aside from that, I just find the area to be quite monotone, and although in one sense it is very culturally diverse, it feels quite…bland. It was ok this time around though, as my stay was just a few days and I had a good amount of people to catch up with. The nice thing about my DC friends now is that our relationships are also really comfortable, so it just feels like every time I come home I have a little list of people to see and we catch up and it doesn’t ever feel like much time has gone by and it’s all good.

I did a lot of research while I was home about Brasil and Argentina and I guess I didn't realize how time consuming and tiring all of this stuff is, looking for information, weeding through it, having to translate with the Spanish and Portuguese, etc. But I’m guessing it’ll all be worth it.

Now I’m on my way to L.A., my other home of sorts. I can’t wait to have some beach time and get, in some modified fashion, what I love about Rio whilst in L.A…the good, fresh produce, the yoga, the beach, nice weather…

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