Monday, August 20, 2007

Leaving Oz Update

It has been ages since I wrote about Myanmar; I basically stopped for a combination of two factors. One was that I had reached the point in my trip in Burma when it became a struggle, when the beauty, kindness, aromas, sights, and tastes gave way to the oppression, struggle, and I was breaking down. This also coincided with the time in Japan when my grandmother was hospitalized, and I had been struggling considerably with this. So, I stopped writing.

I am leaving Australia today; right now I am waiting at the boarding gate in Sydney to go to Los Angeles via Fiji. I’m ready to leave Australia, not so ready to go to the U.S. I actually feel some ennui at the moment, I’m lacking inspiration, and need a kickstart for something. I think Cuba will probably do it.

Anyway, continuing on about Burma…I've managed to write about a week or so of my time in Burma, there are just a few more days left to cover...thanks for reading, and enjoy!

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