Monday, February 12, 2007

Myanmar: Rest of Itinerary

My last entry was in Bagan. The one week after Bagan was quite eventful.

On the 5th, I flew from Bagan to Thandwe. On the 6th I flew to Sittwe. On the 7th I took a boat journey to Mrauk U, the ancient Rakhaing Capital, on the 9th returned by public government boat to Sittwe, and on the 11th, flew to Yangon.

Today is the 12th and the sweltering "summer" heat is starting in Yangon. Hence my willingness to sit inside at a computer (no fan or air-con though!)

Tomorrow I fly early morning to Bangkok, spend the day there, and in the evening fly to Dhaka, Bangladesh. I'm filling up on Western food today (had French Fries for lunch!) - and starting tomorrow night I'm guessing it's all lassi, dhal, and curry. Mmmm.

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